It’s been said it before, but it bears repeating… this past election, was the biggest in over 120 YEARS, with a record-breaking 160 MILLION American’s turning out to vote!

In addition to celebrating such high turnout, in this webinar, we conducted a deeper insight into the demographics of this election, breaking down the data captured through early voting periods, up until Election Day. Additionally, we discussed the wide-spread use of newer voting methods, such as extended early voting periods and mail-in ballots, introduced this year as COVID-safe options. Across the board, these trends have been particularly popular with voters and therefore are unlikely to return to pre-pandemic levels.

Special thanks to guest speakers Amy Cohen, Executive Director at the National Associations of State Election Directors (NASED), and Dr. Michael McDonald, Associate Professor of Political Science at University of Florida and driving force behind the US Elections Project, for sharing their knowledge and expertises.


Please feel free to download the Powerpoint and watch the webinar on Nonprofit VOTE’s YouTube channel.


For more information on the areas touched on throughout the webinar, be sure to check out the list of resource below!