Know What’s on Your Ballot

In a recent report from the Knight Foundation that looked at 2016 non-voters, they found that most non-voters felt they did not have enough information to cast a ballot. This disparity was even larger for 18 to 24-year-olds.

Sharing information with potential voters about what races and ballot initiatives they can expect to see when they vote. The templates below share information about where and how people can look up ballot information. 

Check out our factsheet for the Virginia election here


Email or Letter

Dear [Name of Receiver],

The Virginia primary election is June 8 so there’s plenty of time to learn about what’s on your ballot. By researching the candidates and initiatives you can expect to see, you can make sure you’re prepared ahead of Primary Election Day.

Find out what’s on your ballot with Vote411:

Go to BallotReady’s website, type in your address, and you will be directed to information about your next election with an option to opt into email reminders when new ballot information is available. 

Potential voters cite not knowing what’s on their ballot as a reason for not voting in elections. You can help make sure people show up on Primary Election Day by being prepared and sharing information or tools like Vote411 with your friends, neighbors, and community. Go ahead! Forward this email to three friends or family members right now so they can find their ballot information.

Can’t vote? No problem! Sharing information like how to find what’s on your ballot and other important election information with voters is a great way to get involved. 

[Organization Signature]

Text Message

Hi, I’m [Name of Sender] with [Name of Organization]. Do you know what will be on your VA primary ballot on June 8? Find out today at and tell three friends how they can find their ballot information too!

Facebook Post

Are you ready to #voteinformed on the Virginia primary election on June 8? Visit @vote411 voter guides to find out what candidates and referendums are on your ballot this November:

Feeling #voteready and want to help others find their ballot information? Like and share our post with your network!


Twitter Post

Step 1: Get #voteinformed about the VA primary election today by visiting @VOTE411 voter guides:

Step 2: like and retweet to help followers in your network get #VoteReady



While we highlighted Vote411’s lookup tool, there are other resources that you may prefer to use when inviting people in your network to look up their ballot information. Consider checking out for a different interface

Additional Resources
10 Things to do from now Until Election Day

The Vote Ready Virginia branch of Engaging New voters is looking for 10-15 stellar local nonprofits to engage voters in their community July – November ahead of the Virginia statewide general election on November 2. You can find materials to help you share this information here: