Voting Resources

Maine Bureau of Corporations, Elections, and Commissions

• How to register to vote online and in-person
• How to request an absentee ballot
• Polling locations
• Information on voter ID and MORE!

State Voter Registration Form

• Your state voter registration form
• Steps on how to register to vote

Please contact the state elections office for any exceptions or laws on the use of this form.

Vote-by-Mail Application

• How to request a vote-by-mail form
• Steps to how to vote-by-mail

Please contact the state’s elections office for more information

Nonprofit Downloadable Resources

Voter Registration Drive Guide

• Laws for conducting Voter Registration Drives
• Links to voter registration drive materials
• Contact method for election offices

Please keep in mind that it is always better to contact your state officials about voting information.

Nonprofit Associations

Maine Association of Nonprofit

MANP has grown into the state’s largest network of organizations dedicated to the common good with more than 1,000 nonprofit members and 150 partners in government, business and philanthropy, representing every county in Maine and the full range of nonprofit missions and sizes. MANP is a member of the National Council of Nonprofits, a network of nonprofit state associations across the country.