Webinar Rundown: AAPI Vote 2017

Thank you to everyone who attended our October 19th webinar on “The Asian American and Pacific Islander Vote.” We would like to offer special thanks to Karthick Ramakrishnan for sharing his expertise with us.

Webinar Materials:

Please feel free to download the webinar PowerPoint and audio file, or watch the webinar on Nonprofit VOTE’s YouTube channel.

Quick Links:

Here are a few of the additional resources we mentioned during the webinar:

APIA Vote 

APIA: 2016 National Asian American Survey 

AAPI Data: Demographic Data and Policy Research

ANES: American National Election Studies

Edison Research: Behind the Numbers of the 2016 Election Exit Poll 

New York Times: Election 2016 Exit Polls 

NPR: “Trump Lost More of the Asian-American Vote Than the National Exit Polls Showed” 

Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund

Cooperative Congressional Election Study

US Census Bureau: Voting and Registration