Thank you to everyone who attended our most recent webinar, America Goes to the Polls 2016. A special thanks to our presenters, Dr. Michael McDonald, Dorian McCaal, and our own Brian Miller for sharing their time and expertise.

Here’s the contact information for each presenter:

Dr. Michael P. McDonald
Associate Professor, Department of Political Science
University of Florida
Office: 352-273-2371
Twitter: @ElectProject

Dorian Caal
Director of Civic Engagement Research
NALEO Educational Fund
Office: 213.747.7606 Ext. 4450
Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @NALEO
Facebook: NALEO
Instagram: NALEOFund

Brian Miller
Executive Director
Nonprofit VOTE
Office: 617-357-8683, x115
Direct: 617-860-3249
Email: [email protected]
Web: Nonprofit VOTE
Twitter: @npvote
Facebook: NonprofitVote

Here’s our webinar materials:

Unfortunately, due to a technical error, we do not have a recording from this webinar. However, please feel free to download the webinar PowerPoint. If you have questions about the presentation, do not hesitate to contact us. Thanks!

Stay tuned for information about our next webinar!

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