Welcome to our partner tools that have everything you need make sure your staff is ready and able to vote on or before Election Day.

Sample time off to vote policies
If you do not currently have a time off to vote policy or want to update yours, here is a good place to start. The three policies outline different ways you may ask staff to notify the organization they are taking time off to vote and when they should take that time. 

Sample “Get Out the Vote” email from leadership
Making sure nonprofit staff are aware of your time off to vote policy is almost as important as having it. Mentioning it during staff meetings, posting it in your internal communication, and sharing it over email can all be effective ways to publicize your policy. 

Bonus! Give Time Off to Work the Polls or Volunteer 
Some organizations even offer time off to be poll workers or to generally volunteer in civic activities on Election Day. In some cases, organizations pay the difference between the poll worker’s wage and the nonprofit staff person’s regular wage. Below are a few examples from organizations:

YMCA of the USA

Feeding America

Social Media Examples
Whether you want to share your policy or encourage others to do so, posting on social media can be a good strategy for spreading the word. See sample social text you can use right now!

Publicizing your policy: #VoteReady but not sure when you’ll get to the polls? [Insert org name] proudly offers paid time off to vote for all staff and participates in the #nonprofitstaffvote campaign 

Encouraging others to join the movement: Did you know not having paid time off to vote can be a major barrier for people voting in person? Join us and nonprofits across the country in the #nonprofitstaffvote campaign and offer paid time off to vote.

Early Voting: Tick tock, it’s vote o’clock! That’s right, early voting is open in many states across the country! Do you get paid time off to vote in person early or on Election Day? If you work with us, the answer’s yes! #nonprofitstaffvote

Sample Social Media Graphics (right-click on each image to save it to your device)