There are more than one million registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations that employ over 13.5 million people, rely on 61 million volunteers, and serve and engage millions more.

Nonprofits represent democracy’s highest ideals of public service, active participation, and commitment to a better society. With their natural engagement assets and unparalleled reach, nonprofits are particularly well suited to encourage voter participation. And they have a proven impact on participation when they do.

Not only do nonprofits reach populations that are less likely to vote, but they are effective in increasing turnout among these groups—reducing disparities in who votes based on age, income, and ethnicity. Nonprofit VOTE’s 2018 evaluation, “Engaging New Voters,” showed that voters contacted in-person by nonprofits during services voted at higher rates than other voters in their state across all demographics. Nonprofits had their greatest participation impact on voters considered less likely to vote.

The bottom line is that nonprofits have inherent assets that make them strong and capable proponents of voter and citizen participation. There are also strong reasons for nonprofits to promote voting and democracy in their communities.


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